Heinz Stücke: Home Is Elsewhere

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Eric van den Berg/Heinz Stücke: Heinz Stücke, Home Is Elsewhere. 50 Years Aroud the World By Bike, London: Brompton Bicycle Ltd, 2015, hardcover, 175 p., with many coloured photos, ISBN 978-0-9934524-0-6.

In the early 1960s young Heinz Stücke departed in his small hometown Hövelhof in Western Germany .... and travelled almost constantly for 50 years around the world by bicycle. What an amazing story is this! The book written by Dutch journalist Eric van den Bergbooks tells this story and comes along with many photos by Heinz Stücke himself). Pedaling the last decade on a Brompton some marketing for the company is involved too. However, the photograps alone turn this book into a highly intruiging trip around the world and through history.

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