Altonaer Bicycle-Club von 1869/80

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Lars Amenda, Altonaer Bicycle-Club von 1869/80. Ein Verein schreibt Fahrradgeschichte, Hamburg 2019 (ABC-Forschungen zur Fahrrad- und Radsportgeschichte, Bd. 1). 216 pp., 164 ill. (many coloured), hardcover, format: 29,5x21,5cm, 24,80 EUR, ISBN 978-3-00-062242-7.

The ABC -- the Altonaer Bicycle-Club von 1869/80 from Hamburg, Germany -- was one of the first cycling clubs. Founded in April 1869 as "Emsbütteler Velocipeden-Reit-Club" its members boosted the velociped. In the age of the bicycle (Penny Farthing) the ABC gained strength and was at the very forefront of the promotopn of cycling. The club blossomed in the 1890s but moved on to bicycle touring at the turn of the century. In the course of the 20th century the club focused on cycle ball (Radball), a difficult and then popular game in Germany. The club dimnished around the millenium but was revived by some cycling enthusiasts in 2013.

The book comes along with many illustrations and an English abstract.

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